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Today was emotionally intense –
0-20 miles: It’s taking forever to leave Dallas city proper. The hills take forever to pedal and the headwind is the strongest I’ve experienced.

20-50 miles: I’m finally in the countryside – The sound of the wind in my ears and the force of my pedalling suggests I should be going 20 mph. I look at my speedometer- 8mph!!!! What have I done to myself?

50 miles: a wonderful break, a small stretch of forest within the endless open fields:

then back to the highway grind

50-90 miles: I tell myself this is my last bike trip, so I better enjoy it. So I start celebrating the completion of every mile.

90-110: the wind dies down and the miles melt away with my higher speed.

Trip took 11 hours vs planned 7.

Remarkably, this bike trip is already 1/2 done.

Tomorrow – Austin and live music