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Day Five - Uvalde to San Antonio - 90mi / 145km

NEW DAY FIVE PLAN: The last day! Trip falls into two parts:

  • Getting as close to San Antonio as possible while staying on I-90 (the same highway I've been on since I left Van Horn on Day Two) and
  • Ride into San Antonio on secondary roads and make my way to The Bike Shop to get a shipping box for my trusty bike:

MILE 0 - Leaving Uvalde

MILE 2 - The Day Ahead with lots of green

MILE 20 - Rainstorm miles away to the North

Closer to the City - Highway now divided, and the breakdown lane (my bike path) is squeezed a bit.

One picture I don't take along this stretch of highway is a 6ft+ tall, balding man with Elvis sunglasses with a bright yellow T-shirt pulled over his beer belly. He was dragging a 12-foot cross made of 6" lumber along the side of the highway, facing into the traffic.

The cross had the words "Jesus is Lord" down the its length. He supported the top end of the cross on his shoulder, and the base of the cross had a wheel (like on a shopping cart), so he wouldn't wear down the end.

We wave to one another, each going in a different direction, each on a different mission.

Mile 35 - Green Lushness - standing water that isn't going to evaporate in the next five minutes (in contrast to deep dry river beds two days earlier).

Mile 40 - Downtown D'Hania - four buildings.

and after Castroville, it's time to say goodbye to Hwy I-90 and continue on to El Paso via secondary roads, as I-90 is about to become limited access:

Part Two of the Day - Getting through San Antonio - I would get to downtown, then head north to the bike shop that I had called earlier to see if they could spare me a cardboard shipping box (they could):

MILE 70 - The end is near -

MILE 80 - I'm in City limits, but SA's 4-5 "tall" buildings are far far away

The next stretch of time takes me through some pretty scuzzy neighborhoods with no space for bikes on the shoulder lanes. I was the only bike most most of the trip into downtown and then north to Bike World (shown with my trust steed):

My cycling is done.

George of Bike World points me to the discarded boxes behind his store, helps me get my pedals unscrewed. I dismantle and pack my bike, and call a cab to take me downtown to my hotel.

Jesse, the cab driver, once gave a cab ride to Rik Emmett of Triumph - I know Rik from my days with the SAC (Songwriters Association of Canada) - a small world. Jesse and I both agree that Rik is one of the most down-to-earth guys we know.

I settle into the Marriott Courtyards as my final hotel because they have a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool. The Jacuzzi is a wonderful, wonderful experience.

I end the day at Marguaritas, a Mexican Restaurant where I hoover up massive amounts of mexican food and beer - There is no denying my appetite.

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