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Day Six - San Antonio: I'm a Tourist

DOWNTOWN SAN ANTONIO: Historical Factoid: June 13. 1691 - Spaniards were camping at a rancheria of Payaya Indians on a stream called Yanaguana and some caucasian said "let's celebrate mass and rename the stream 'San Antonio' because it is Saint Antony's Day".

So much for centuries-old native history - I think they should have kept the original name - the "Yanaguana Spurs" would have made for a great basketball team moniker.

Town Square - A mix of German, Spanish and American West architecture. One of the downtown access bridges (Commerce Street Bridge) has a history of being rebuilt due to high use.

In the 1800s, a trilingual sign was posted up to reduce wear and tear on the latest construction:

GERMAN: Schnelles reiten uber dise Brucke is verboten Fast riding over this bridge is forbidden Plainly stated for law-abiding Teutons
SPANISH: Anda despacio con su caballo, o teme la ley Walk slowly with your horse, or fear the law Heavy retribution offered for Mexicans
AMERICAN: Walk your horse over the bridge or you will be fined.   Hit 'em in their wallet.

While I'm reading the bridge's historical plaque I am interrupted by this this guy who looked like he stepped out of GQ.

He hits me with the story that the previous night he got into an argument with his girl friend, she drove off with his car and left him, taking all his money and ID except for his National guard card (which he showed me) and that he had spent the night wandering the streets with rubbies and finally was reduced to begging for money ($18) to pull bus fare together to get back to El Paso.

I start laughing and he's about ready to punch me when I say, "OK, I believe your story - here's $20 - go home".

He promises he would mail me the money and send me a christmas card every year for the rest of his life.

Well, I'm still waiting for my twenty, and I would be fairly impressed if I got a Christmas card, even once.

Remember the Alamo - I'll try to keep it simple. During its history, Texas has had eight changes of sovereignty (Spain, France, Spain, Mexico, America, self ordained republic, America again, etc etc )and six flags have flown over the state.

In 1832, Texas was a Mexican state and revolted - The Alamo was the main town complex where Davy Crockett and other wild west legends fought and died against the Mexican Army. All that remains is the chapel where the women and children were sheltered during battle.

Riverwalk - Way back in the 1700s part of the San Antonio River was diverted for irrigation purposes and over time buildings got built around the wide ditch, which was upgraded to a canal.

The canal is drained each January for a cleaning and to get the gators out. San Antonio uses this annual maintenance event to throw a three-day party called the Mud Festival, complete with its own Queen and King.

And that's it - Next, to Dallas to visit friends and then back to Toronto.

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