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My next bike trip – not as ambitious as the other rides where I was averaging over 100 miles/day. this one will be 400 miles over 5 days, with a couple of short days built into the front end and the backend of the ride.

Once landing at Phoenix, I’ll assemble my bike at the airport and pedal to nearby Apache Junction, basically to get clear of Phoenix

The following day takes me to Globe and starts the climb into the mountains.

Then the big day is Globe to Showlow, 90+ miles with significant climbs and downhills.

Then on to Quemado then Acoma on undulating terrain, and finally a shorter, mostly down-slope ride to Albuquerque.

The final short day is to give me time to find a bike store that has empty cardboard shipping boxes.

A day has been added to drive over to Santa Fe, as I’ve never been there, and also act as a backup plan to secure a shipping box if I cant find one in Albuquerque.